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"COLD Weather Gear" Give Away


Our “COLD Weather Gear” Give Away is Mission Complete

Our intent was to bring Veterans warm clothing, some goodies, hope, and the love of Jesus ... and that we did.

We enjoyed sharing 48 bags of hope, love, and warmth with Veterans at the Salvation Army and at First Stop (both locations are dedicated to serving others).  We look forward to expanding our numbers, locations, and gifts next year.  We'll be applying 'lessons learned' to better support our Veteran brothers and sisters - stay tuned for how you can specifically help; until then, financial gifts are appreciated - all donations are tax deductible.

On the Road


CENTURION WITNESS MINISTRIES (CWM) is       MISSION COMPLETE with our initial mission. We experienced an amazing victory in Colorado Springs.  We were humbled to work with the incredible soldiers in Colorado.  We know their families, marriages, and their relationships with Jesus were all strengthened.  Our next missions are coming up soon in Alaska and N. Virginia.  If you would like to host a CWM event, or assist in providing for a mission, please contact us at mission@centurionwitness.org 

Requests for Prayer


CENTURION WITNESS MINISTRIES (CWM)        asks for your fervent and continued prayer.  CWM knows that prayer is a difference maker - it is, literally, artillery in a spiritual warfare battle.  So, please continue to cover CWM and our supporters in prayer.

If you are a Veteran in need, or you know of a Veteran requiring some help - please reach out to us at


More to Follow


Stay tuned and stay in prayer!

More to Follow


 Stay tuned and stay in prayer! 

More to Follow


 Stay tuned and stay in prayer!