Chris – Senior Vice President / Chief Communications Officer


Chris served 30 years on active duty, retiring as a Command Sergeant Major.  Chris conducted 4 combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan – the last 3 as his Battalion’s Command Sergeant Major.  He also conducted missions to places such as North Korea and the Sinai. His highlighted awards include: Legion of Merit, Five Bronze Stars (2 for Valor), Meritorious Service Medal 2nd Award, and 2 Purple Hearts.  During his active service, Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. Upon retirement from the Army, Chris has served as a Subject Matter Expert for a security firm and as a senior member of an organization facilitating the mental, spiritual, and physical well-being of Soldiers and Veterans.  Chris is earning his Masters of Christian Counseling degree at Liberty University. Chris has been ministering to our nation’s Veterans since early 2012. 

Jason – Executive Vice President / Chief Technology Officer


Jason served 12 years on active duty as a U.S. Army infantryman [SFC(R)]; serving as a rifleman, team leader, squad leader, and in various additional roles with unique responsibilities.  Jason completed 4 combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Upon his medical retirement, Jason served as an Agricultural Adviser to the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force in support of Village Stability Operations in Afghanistan; and then served the Department of State as a Mobile Security Contractor in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. Upon his return Jason founded and served for 2 years as the head pastor of a non-denominational church that he and his wife planted.  He is currently pursuing a degree at American Military University, and is a licensed and ordained minister.  Jason maintains his fierce passion for ministering to our nations veterans.  

Kelly – Senior Vice President / Chief Operating Officer


Kelly served 21 years on active duty, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.  He was selected to and then served his last 10 years in the US Army’s Delta Force. While there – as a troop commander - he served in combat during Operations Just Cause and Desert Storm. Kelly also deployed in several other SECDEF level operations concerning high risk, sensitive activities directed by the National Command Authority on numerous continents.  Kelly was the operations planner and helped lead one of the most sensitive and successful operations undertaken by  U.S. Forces prior to 9/11. Upon retirement from the Army, Kelly served as a Project Leader in support of several complex and sensitive compartmented projects in support of a special program office in the Pentagon.  Kelly has served in ministry to our nation’s Veterans since 2009.


Keith – President / Chief Financial Officer


Keith served 24 years on active duty in the Army, enlisting as a Private and retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. He twice commanded a unit conducting missions in direct support of U.S. and allied forces on two combat deployments to Afghanistan; he also deployed twice to Iraq on short mission sets. Upon retirement, he was a Program Manager in support of a project for units with unique mission parameters; and an Assistant Professor of Army Tactics. He is a seminary graduate and holds a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies, and a Masters of Military Arts and Science.  He is an ordained and licensed minister, a former pastor, and has ministered to our nation’s Veterans since 2009.